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It's our pleasure to serve the Northwest, and Alaska. Many successful projects have been completed with private landowners, USFS, USFW, ODFW, NRCS, Trouts Unlimited and more.




Our professionals are just what you need for all of your habitat needs.

Maintain the natural habitat of your property

You don't have to worry about the natural habitats that are part of what make your property unique and beautiful. You can count on us to preserve the natural beauty of your green space.

Construction service

 •  Enhancement and restoration

 •  Spawning gravel placement

 •  Large earthmoving  

 •  Water control structure and sheet pile installation

 •  Low ground pressure and low impact equipment

 •  Habitat, stream, and creek restoration and enhancement

 •  Consulting and project management

Let us take care of your habitat

Serving the greater surrounding area

Preserving your natural habitats.


Our team is always careful with the placement of your logs, root systems, vegetation, and sod. Your habitat is in good hands with our experts.

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